“To see VANWODS as the respected leader in the provision of accessible financial and business development services for the people to live with dignity and security”

VANWODS Microfinance is a non-profit organization in Vanuatu providing a supportive and collaborative environment to empower low-income individuals to grow their small businesses and take the first steps towards creating a financially stable future for their families. We provide the tools to help people become small business owners through loans, training, and savings services. Our program and services are based on a high level of trust, respect, and integrity.

Together we are creating big change, one loan at a time.

All VANWODS members must
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Register with an existing Center
  • Membership only VT500
  • Complete a membership registration form
  • Attend Group formation training
  • Attend Financial Literacy training

“We are your friendly community financial service provider”