What is MoneyMinded

MoneyMinded is financial education program that improves basic budgeting, savings and money management skills. It is delivered by financial counselors and community partners and helps people to learn to live within their means, increase their savings and assets, manage credit and debt and plan for the future.

VANWODS Partnership with ANZ Bank thru MoneyMinded

VANWODS Microfinance engaged a strong partnership with ANZ Bank of Vanuatu by having two trainers who accredited to facilitate a training for ANZ MoneyMinded Financial Literacy training.

This working relationship had a success since 2012 that provide another package to our clients especially VANWODS women and other people in the community who have always dream of their goal in life. Once they have completed this training, they all have a VISION board that they have treasured to keep them reminded about the time frame of achieving their goal.

How MoneyMinded works

We partner with community organizations to provide MoneyMinded facilitator training, enabling financial counselors and community educators to build skill and confidence to deliver financial education with their clients and to access MoneyMinded resources.

MoneyMinded resources provided include facilitator guides, participant workbooks, case studies, visual teaching aids, and covers topics such as planning and budgeting, everyday banking, dealing with debt, and superannuation.

The program is designed to be flexible so it can be delivered either through group workshops, individual counseling sessions.

Our commitment to MoneyMinded includes:
  • facilitator training for financial counselors and community educators
  • partnerships with community organizations to deliver MoneyMinded in their communities
  • regular reviews of the MoneyMinded content
  • provision of MoneyMinded program materials

MoneyMinded does not directly promote ANZ products and provides unbiased consumer education.

For more information in regards to this MoneyMinded training, you can contact VANWODS Microfinance Head Office or ANZ Bank of Vanuatu.