VANWODS operates MICROPEPS in partnership with companies, to make microfinance services available to the company's employees. Savings and loan repayments are collected from members through salary deductions.

Who Can Join?
Company Eligibility Criteria

The company must:

  • be a privately owned organization or a registered non-government organization
  • have been established in Vanuatu for at least three(3) years
  • be a company which has at least 10 regular employees who have been with the company for a minimum of one(1) year
  • have a payroll or personnel officer
Employee Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for participation, an employee must:

  • be a Ni-Vanuatu Citizen
  • have been employed by the participating company for at least one(1) year
  • hold a non-management position (Supervisors, however are qualified)
  • have attended the MICROPEPS Orientation and paid the enrollment fee

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